Purpose Statement of the Music Ministry
The purpose of the Music Ministry of Open Door Bible Church is to be a tool to help the church meet its expressed purposes of worship, edification and evangelism. Music is used to lead the congregation in worship. Music is used to teach, challenge and build up believers. Music is used to reach out to those who do not know Christ and to challenge believers to share their faith.
Worship Style at Open Door Bible Church
The worship style at ODBC would be classified as blended. You will find a mix of hymns, gospel songs and contemporary choruses at most Sunday morning services. Our desire is to take music of our Christian heritage and combine it with the best of what is relatively new. We are trying to achieve a modern day balance of “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.” This allows all age levels to worship together. On Sunday mornings you will see different groups leading congregational worship: Adult Choir, small vocal team, Orchestral instruments, piano/keyboard, guitar and special music.
We praise the Lord for the musical talents and skills he has given to so many at Open Door Bible Church. It is our desire to use them first of all to honor Him and then to minister to people. Our goal is to have all ODBC musicians not think of their music as a performance but as an act of worship to God and ministry to His people.
Adult Choir
The ODBC Adult Choir is open to high school and adult singers. The choir ministers for 9 months from September through May. Rehearsals are at 4:30 on Sunday afternoons. The choir sings about every other Sunday morning. The music is with piano accompaniment, sound track or small instrumental ensemble. Choir music selections vary from hymns to gospel to contemporary songs. There are always opportunities for singers to get involved in the choir ministry. The Adult Choir presents an excellent Christmas Cantata ministry each year.
Praise Teams
Praise Team instrumentalists accompany Sunday morning services several times per month. The Praise Team is comprised of 3-4 singers and various instumentalists. The group of players and instrumentalists vary from week to week. Contact Daniel Peycke if you are interesting in serving on the praise team.
Youth Music
The ODBC youth group includes music when they meet on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Friday evenings. The Youth Praise Team meets to rehearse and then leads the youth group in a time of praise and worship. You will see the youth involved in Sunday services in a variety of ways. Some sing in the adult choir, some do special music, some play or sing in Sunday morning or evening service praise teams, and you will see a youth service 1-2 times per year. In addition the youth Praise Team leads music and worship for the Sunday morning Children’s Church ministry. In recent years, youth group members have helped the Children’s Music ministries.
Children’s Music
Open Door children are involved in music. Music is an important part of the Children’s Church ministry. Each Sunday morning at 10:15 a.m., the children in Children’s Church are led in a time of praise and worship. The music time is led by some of the youth sponsors and students. In addition, the children prepare for special musical and dramatic presentations in the morning services at Christmas time and Mother’s Day. All parents are encouraged to have their children involved in the Children’s Church ministry. In addition to singing praise songs and learning music for special presentations, the children spend time learning musical concepts and skills, and biblical truths. Music is also an important part of the Awana children’s program on Wednesday nights during the school year.
Special Music
All capable musicians are given the opportunity to use their talents to minister with special music. So from week to week you will see a great variety of musicians. Open Door Bible Church is blessed to have many musicians who desire to minister with their talents and serve the Lord. A musician schedule is produced every 3-4 months. You will hear a good variety of music all with a strong biblical message designed to lead in worship or edify the believers.
Piano/Keyboard Music
All capable pianists/keyboard players are given the opportunity to use their talents to minister in our services. Pianists/keyboard players provide preludes, offertories, postludes and congregational accompaniment for our services. In addition, they often provide accompaniment to special music. Pianists are also kept busy accompanying adult choir, children’s music, and youth music.